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TIP #2: Proper Balance:

by Dr. Golf

Objective: Prevents swaying side to side, and back and forth. Brings the club back to the ball squarely.

Golf is a game of "feel". Just as you want to "feel" the grip in your fingertips, you also want to "feel", for "proper balance" - the souls of your feet holding the ground. Stand comfortably erect, with your feet shoulder width apart. Since we all are slightly different, some of you will be a bit wider, some a bit narrower.

Find your comfort zone! There should be no tension in the area of the upper groin. If you feel tension, you are too wide so bring your feet closer together. From this position, flex your knees slightly; you should "feel" the souls of your feet "holding" the ground. If you do not, you are too tense or too rigid. Get rid of the tension by taking a deep breath and letting it go. "Feel" your body relax and your knees flex, and you'll get the "feeling". You should "feel" your weight on the insides or insteps of each foot. Point your knees at each other until you feel this happen. Again there should be no tension.

Finally, distribute your weight between the balls of your feet and your heels, with just a bit more weight on your heels. You want to be able to raise your toes freely on the inside of your shoes. There is no weight on your toes! EVER! From this proper balance position, your club will come back to the ball squarely. Not in the "toe or heel". You will be able to "coil" your hips and shoulders around your spine angle rather than slide from side to side. Sliding is a "no no"! The shoulders and hips must coil.

From this new found "balanced" position, hold your club in front of you with the shaft at waist height and parallel to the ground. Hold the club just tight enough so that it cannot be taken from you; then have a friend hold the club head, and gently pull you forward. If you are in balance, you will not move. Next, have your friend push you back. Again, you should stay in the balanced position.

Please read this slowly and perform each position as you read and then do it again. It's all part of the practice routine. E-mail any questions to And Remember, it's a game! Have fun!

Til Next Week,
Dr. Golf

Any questions regarding the above or anything else can be mailed to: or you may call 770-393-3069. Private lessons are available at a reasonable rate.

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