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    Golf Tee Times in Birmingham, Alabama
Offical Course Review: North Fulton Golf Course

North Fulton Golf Course

by John Kim

Introduction: One of Metro Atlanta's oldest courses, North Fulton is another of the four municipal courses managed by American Golf Corp. The course has very rich tradition and a prime location (by Chastain Park) to boot.

Setting up your round: This is one of the busiest courses in America, no joke. Call ahead, book your time. If you are a single, you may not be able to book and you have to show up and take your chances. More than likely, you will get out fairly soon. During the week, the pace of play isn't too bad. Lots of walkers here so if you're the type that likes to carry your bag, you might feel at home. On weekends, possibly the slowest rounds in Atlanta. Don't say we didn't warn you.

When you arrive: Eat before you arrive, not much of a selection here. They do have drinks, so there's one in the plus column. There are two putting greens out front but no driving range. Also, parking can be a problem, most just find a spot on the street in front.

Hole you will love: Many people really like hole #10, a short par 5 that can be reached in two if your tee shot hugs the left side. This hole can devastate your round also if you hit a bad tee shot, but it probably yields more birdies than any other hole on the course.

Hole you won't: Honestly, there a few candidates here for this one, but #18 is so tough, it's almost unfair. This monster long par 4 has a fairway that slopes hard left where a creek awaits. The green also slopes hard left. Most golfers should play this as a par 5, you'll score better 95% of the time that way.

Overview: I deeply respect North Fulton's place in the golf community. In terms of history, location, and pricing, the course is tough to beat. In terms of conditioning, layout, and pace of play, it's easy to beat... Pulverize....Annihilate. Okay, it doesn't really matter what I say, this course is going to get twice as many rounds played here as any other course in Atlanta. But if you play golf here, don't say you weren't warned.

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